Praia da Marinha


This cairn stood quietly along the path of the Seven Hanging Valleys Walk in Praia da Marinha, a silent invitation to stop and soak in the magnificence of this part of the world–

the imposing beauty of the Atlantic bathed in the sun’s splendor,
the gentle wind caressing the ocean’s surface,
the delicate scent of pine with a whiff of brine,
earth warm in color and feel under my shoes.

A part of me wanted to sit beside the stones and stare out to sea with the same stillness, but the path was calling.


A Forest in the Fall

ImageA walk in the woods when autumn is being born is a special treat. Leaves are turning and some have fallen, crunching as feet walk upon them. Mushrooms are sprouting and acorns are falling. Birds flutter by and sing their songs. There’s something moving in the underbrush. What’s that? The damp earth sticks to thick soles, embed themselves into grooved shoe bottoms, and brought back home to adorn clean floors. And what did I find on the forest floor? A fat heart full with thanksgiving, just like mine.