Swans in Flight


Two swans took off before us last Sunday, and two words came to mind – love and fidelity. As we walked on, I squeezed hubby’s hand and sent up a prayer above to continue blessing us with that.


Happy Halloween

ImageMy sister-in-law Michelle and I come from countries where we don’t traditionally celebrate Halloween but things have changed for both of us since moving here. So here are her pumpkin carvings made with much difficulty because they’re so hard to carve up. I found out last night too when I made pumpkin soup for the first time. It took a lot of strength and perseverance to cut the pumpkin into pieces.

Happy Halloween! Boo!

Angel Mom


The last time my mommy came to visit us in Europe, she bought this tealight candleholder in a flea market with my sister in Muenster, Germany. When she came back to Amsterdam and excitedly showed me her find, my heart melted as I looked at the three cherubs. The day she left after hubby and I brought her to the airport, I came home feeling a little bit flat…Then I saw these three on my altar with a note from Mommy.