… then comes December

DSC_1020This weekend was a wonderful one spent with good friends who live In the south of the Netherlands, near a city called Valkenburg. A visit to the oldest Christmas market in Europe was a must. In the subterranean labyrinth called the Velvet caves right under the castle ruins, the Christmas spirit was very much alive. With modern-day capitalism being practiced there, I could hardly imagine that 2,000 years ago, the Romans toiled deep in the earth to carve out the marl that they needed for their architectural endeavors above ground. I could hear Dutch, French, English and German being spoken, echoing in the stony passages. It was very special.


A Capiz Star


There have been so many things to be thankful for over the last few months but I was too busy to post anything. It’s the second week of the year and I’m still stuck in the holiday mood. It was wonderful to go back to my home country late last year. This is one of the things that evoke nostalgia in me – a star made of capiz shells.