A Gift from Above

ImageYesterday was a red-letter day. After struggling with the selling of handmade birdhouses which I use as a fundraiser for a cause close to my heart, that of building decent homes for poor families, I sold all of them (nearly a thousand) to a single buyer yesterday. So today is a fresh start. Tingles and tickles are racing through my blood, giving birth to giddy thoughts of what’s next. I’ve got ideas, they come pouring in from all around me. The trees rustle and tell me their secret thoughts, the wind comes by and whispers in my ear, the sun kisses my skin and surreptitiously, deliciously shares its wisdom.

I stand in awe at this gift from above, and bow my head with humility, gratitude and wonder for this divine grace. And soon, very soon, I will make tangible those secrets that have been shared with me. I can’t wait.


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