Becoming Void


I am a starfish stranded on the shore.
I am a cactus mired in water.
I am a feather that a bird lost as it soared.
I am a weed that was pulled out by the gardener.
I am a pebble battered smooth by the waves.
I am rye bread that didn’t rise.
I am a flame inside a barrel’s seamless staves.
I am the faint whiff of sulphur as a fire dies.
I am the last leaf on a tree in fall.
I am thunder without a sound.
I am a raindrop that hit the wall.
I am the shadow of a cloud.
I am the echo of a lingering sadness.
I am the top half of a half-full glass.
I am the last breath of an enduring madness.
I am thought that never was.


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